Taking a look at Date A Live: Ars Install [PS3]

Still struggling with the other png images of the game but somewhat manage to make png images of the character names appear and not make the game freeze… now the problem is… can I recreate it? scripts on .sdat seems easy to decrypt and re-encrypt and manage to make a quick edit… sorry shido your waifu is now mine.
why am I doing this? it’s either for the challenge of hacking or I’m just a lonely bastard who gets off when an anime character call me by my name in a game…

Onechanbara Z kagura with Nonono! after thought

my translation is complete and have trolled enough, by translating the whole game English then making the dialogue script Filipino.

ask my good friend google for the patch/game/vids/pics etc. key word is onechanbara kagura z fan translation froid_san

now I’m gonna rest, eat, play games, play with my cats and make a lot of waifu on my VN/eroge’s games

Onechanbara Z kagura with Nonono! 9/30/2014 status update

it’s been 7 months after I started this one man translation hack army and after I’ve reach 98%… I feel kindda lazy finishing it hehe… since probably most them are just corrections of my grammar/spelling and minor cosmetic changes…

Never imagined that I will even heavily modify and translate a whole game and come up with a patch file no bigger than 15MB…

well I could never done it if the game doesn’t have.. zombies, kawaii girls, samurai’s and bikinis!!!! yeah my own perversion help me finish rom hack of a fan service game mwahahahaha!

Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle [PS3] P.O.C video

so yeah… baka next serious project ko, medyo iba lang approach since game update ang hinahack at hindi na ginagalaw na yung game disc. Able to edit nman game images at insert via game update at edit text so mukang all is fine to proceed.

medyo text heavy nga lang at nakalimutan ko na yung mga ibang technical ROBOTO terms na ginagamit sa mga MECHA animu at gaymes, so kailangan ko munang mang kidnap ng japonesang colledge student na mecha otaku para marunong mag english at para hindi puro yamete kudasai ang marinig ko.
Super Robot Wars – OG Infinite Battle (proof of concept translation haxx)

Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle [PS3] P.O.C

Brings back memories when I first started this rom hacking thing on super robot wars alpha back when I was a good for nothing college drop out…

now much older, not that wiser and still a good for nothing 2 time world champion college dropout, I think super robot wars on PS3 is calling be back to give her some good old rom hack lovin’…. sorry PS2… your such a bitch on English Unicode characters…